To all friends of Surfshack, it is going to be a number of weeks potentially months before we will be able to open up! While we have minimized costs dramatically including having a very understanding landlord, there are still security cost and while we have managed to ensure that the staff are sorted and will be receiving a weekly livable wage. The family has survived reasonable so far but our resources are now gone!

In keeping with what we have always said to the youngsters coming through Surfshack Choose2Care there is “Nothing for Nothing!” In this life!

So we are making available the option of purchasing future services that will be able to be used in the next 24 months at an extremely discounted rate! We will be here come open up time, and look forward to seeing and sharing a wave with with all you, hopefully sooner rather than later!

Yours Sincerely Chudleigh Family

Please choose a time and date when booking your voucher. This is just for record your voucher will be redeemable when beaches have been opened and it is deemed safe for SURFSHACK to start operating. We will just need 24 hrs warning if you would like to use your voucher for a surf lesson.

You can also purchase vouchers through whatsapp directly on 0846078567.

For custom voucher prices please email us at or whatsapp us on 0846078567 for a quick response.