Take this opportunity to dive into the big blue and get your dose of Vitaminsea.


Experience surfing or stand up paddle boarding along the stunning False Bay coastline of Cape Town South Africa,
with the crew of Surfshack Surfschool Muizenberg or Surfshack SUP Simon’s Town.

Surfshack is a family run business with a big heart, that sees four generations of Chudleigh’s sharing their knowledge, love and passion for the ocean and it’s healing powers. We boast a crew of experienced and passionate instructors, the correct equipment as well as plenty of STOKE!! We cater for everyone, girls, boys, moms and dads… Even a Granny and Grandpa or two.

Of all the beautiful locations in Cape Town two have been specifically chosen for their safety, beauty and character.

Muizenberg considered the birthplace of surfing with it’s gentle waves and sandy beach is ideal for the beginner surfers and is recognised as one of the top 20 Learn2Surf spots in the world.  The quaint naval village of Simon’s Town with its rich maritime and yachting history, safe bay provides the ideal location to Learn2Sup and experience the abundance of sea life and natural beauty.


Surfing with Surfshack will be one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences you can have, so be warned! A surf lesson with Surfshack, is addictive and can lead to a lifetime love affair with surfing. Situated on iconic Surfer’s Corner in Muizenberg, one of the top 20 learn to surf destinations in the world. Surfshack is nestled amongst vibey beach front cafes and is the perfect place to find that all time surf stoke.



Surfing had a profound impact on our family, sharing our love of surfing has become a way of life for us. The ocean anchored us and connects us with our sense of humanity-in Africa; this feeling is known as UNBUNTU.

The ocean has had a strong pull, always calling us back to her bountiful harvest of waves still to be ridden and a promise of a better tomorrow. Surfshack is a family affair and constantly evolves. Surfshack surf school started in 2002 with a borrowed surfboard operating on Muizenberg beach front. The toughest times are the most testing, but with perseverance and hope anything is possible, with a little help from our friends and family we developed Surfshack into what we have today, a stable surf school that just couldn’t bare to say no to children dreaming for a chance to jump into a warm wetsuit and run down the shore for a surf. This is where a new dream was born, a place for our extended family, safe from the chaos and hardships of their home lives, a place where anything is possible and the only concern is when the next set wave will appear.

As a family we try our best to uphold a legacy of encouragement and upliftment throughout all Surfshack’s entities. Striving to support Surfshack Outreach Choose2Care as much as possible a percentage of all revenue goes towards the up keep of the program and the care for our TEAM.




Address: Shop WC8, St Georges Street, Simons Town
Phone: 062 604 1977
Email: info@surfshack.co.za



Address: 13 York Road Muizenberg, Cape Town
Phone: 084 607 8567
Email: info@surfshack.co.za